By Jessica Banks on Yelp

Anthony had her wrapped around his finger by the end of our session.

By Nicole P. on Yelp

I am not exaggerating when I say that Gus has not growled or barked at a single stranger since working with Anthony

By Haley Stein on Google

My husky mix pup NEVER listened to us off leash and we thought it was a lost cause.

September 2022
By Aydan Sarikaya on Google

My partner was worried that one session wouldn’t be enough . . .

By Kerilyn Tacconi on Google my business

. . . we hit a turning point after our Zoom session with Anthony.

By Joyce Kim on Google maps

I could barely recognize my dog! The techniques he uses and passed on to us worked completely . . .

By Grace McLagan on Google

Now there is ZERO unprovoked aggression. Anthony’s gentle guidance was what it took.

By Taylor Frazier on Yelp

After spending tons of money with another trainer, and using just treats (which did nothing!), things were getting worse.

By Amanda Mooney on Facebook

Anthony is truly the dog whisperer of Brooklyn!

By Liz C. on Yelp

For anyone doubting whether a virtual group dog training session can help, I’m here to say, it did for me.

By Rebecca C. on Yelp

Anthony is honestly a miracle worker . . . It was actually quite incredible to watch.

By Jamilah F. on Yelp

. . . blew my mind!

By Zack and Arielle Boger on Yelp

What can I say? Magic. I can’t recommend him enough.

By Sam Geoffrey on Google Maps

“I can’t say enough good things about the puppy class . . .”

By Alex Jasper on Yelp

“The reviews are true, the articles are true, the results are real”!

By Anna Schroe on Yelp

Within minutes of Anthony meeting Penny, we saw an immediate change!

By Dawn Dearden on Yelp

I can’t begin to say what a life-changing experience it’s been for us . . .

By Wendy J on Yelp

Anthony’s handling of both dogs and owners is truly amazing, and we experienced immediate results . . .

5/20/2017, 9/24/2017
By Tonia Tskhay on Yelp

. . . in between the sessions Anthony provided tons of advice via emails . . .

By Tova Heiney on Yelp

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get my dog to a manageable place to no avail. When I reached out to Anthony and told him as much – and he offered to come and if I was not satisfied he would not charge me.

By Bill D. & Alex C. on Yelp

Anthony, simply put, is a totally chill dog-whisperer. Within one minute of interacting with Jasper, his behavior immediately began to change.

By Deborah Aronoff on Yelp

I feel like I hit the dog trainer lottery. This guy is the real deal!!!

By Erin Wentz on Yelp

She hasn’t once lunged or growled at strangers since we met with Anthony.

By Modemme X. on Yelp

Anthony FaceTimed me that night – phew. . . . 45 minutes later, everything was better.

By Davy Sulock on Yelp

Anthony saved the day!

By Adrianne I. on Yelp

He really is the Dog Whisperer!

By Stephanie Higgs on Yelp

After a single session with Anthony, I felt like he’d given my husband and me some of his magic.

By Nadia and Harvey Ackerman on Yelp

I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by our work with Anthony.

By Social Tees on Yelp

We are a local NYC animal shelter . . . Anthony’s consultation and training worked WONDERS

By Cate & Dave Lloyd on Yelp

. . . I was amazed at what I learned in the short time with Anthony.

By Erin, Susie's Senior Dogs on Instagram

6 year old Dixie has turned over a new leaf.

By Elsie Heung on Instagram

She was able to greet & pass small fluffy dogs with no problem. Amazing!

By Jesse & Kristina Dittmar on Yelp

“… intense fearful aggression …. We were desperate and hopeless.”

By Laura & Paul Vandenberg on Yelp

“He showed us how to communicate boundaries in a way that was firm but not harsh”

By Agatha & Peter Kluk on Yelp

Anthony is like a dog park celebrity — so many owners approached us thanking Anthony for his help!

By Caitrin & Adrian Facini on Yelp

He had him walking up to other dogs with no issues, children, etc. I was shocked!

By Lauren & Jeff Castanga on Yelp

… the only trainer who has helped to make actual, serious progress.

By Laura Sussman on Yelp

I was near tears … The change in my dog was instantaneous.

By Julie Cohen on Yelp

I was left SPEECHLESS … I was almost in tears!

By Anna & Andre Norvez on Yelp

…We love the homework sheets he gives us!

By Terry Cramer on Blog

The magical thing was to watch them in a dog run, completely relaxed, and to know that it is possible!!!

By Lauren & Sean Begen on Yelp

We were blown away …. It’s unbelievable! Ollie is so clearly a happier, calmer dog.

By Marina & Andrew Alexander on Google

…there’s nothing like seeing it in action from someone who REALLY knows dogs.

By Kim Sarro on Yelp

Anthony checks in on me via email and is always available for any questions.

By Jun Wu on Blog

In a mere two hours, he made me confident …. But, most of all he made her confident.

By Elizabeth Ng on Yelp

We signed up for his off leash class… He was great with both our dogs and us!

By Isaiah and Chrissie Dowler on Yelp

I found Anthony’s approach much more integral than other methods, reaching a deeper level of training…

By Nora Iknadossian on Yelp

No separation anxiety anymore… HUGE difference from before. It’s amazing!!

By Judy Ranalli on Yelp

You can tell he just cares about his clients, both human and dog.

By Mary Woody on Google

We could not possibly be more impressed or more satisfied! Within one day we noticed significant improvements

By Paul Medford on Yelp

…it was nothing short of a miracle.

By Vittoria LaMicele on Yelp

He completely changed our lives…

By Constanze Han on Google

Now they walk perfectly and are no trouble.

By Charlotte Bednarsh on Yelp

Great fun and a confidence building experience.

By Shannon Markel on Google

…it was incredible. I didn’t think she would EVER be able to be in a place like that with other dogs!

By Christine and Dan Longcore on Yelp

We were absolutely amazed … Her bites have, literally overnight, turned into licks.

By Ann Talley on Yelp

Anthony’s visit was revelatory!

By Kat Lee on Google

She even tried to bite him, and he was completely unphased. Calm energy, indeed!

By Sarah Izzo on Yelp

Although we had read a lot about dog training, there was so much conflicting information we didn’t know where to start.

By Kelsey & Kyle, Casey & Hershey on Yelp

Anthony is an amazing and patient dog trainer…

By Kimberly Parker Green on Yelp

In one session I learned so much.