I had to wait 24 hours to write this to be sure that it wasn’t too good to be true! I was left SPEECHLESS by the amazing work Anthony was able to do with our 2 year old terrier mix after just one session.

Our pup had been exhibiting serious leash aggression on the street with almost every dog we passed. This was terribly difficult being that we live in a neighborhood where nearly everyone has a dog. Within the first 10 minutes, Anthony had gotten our dog to walk with a loose leash, to sit calmly while another dog barked at HER, and to sniff and “say hello” to other dogs on the street. We hadn’t been able to do this with her for months. I was almost in tears!

Anthony’s calm but assertive demeanor helped us understand our dog better, and made her feel a lot more comfortable too. Since Anthony’s visit, we’ve been happily enjoying walks with our dog, and we aren’t afraid to walk past dogs anymore.

Highly recommended for anyone whose dog is having serious behavior problems. We’d been told by a previous trainer that this was unfixable. But Anthony proved otherwise!

– Julie and Gabe Cohen

6/1/2014 - Julie Cohen