When I think of dog whisperers, I think that’s great for them, but what about the rest of us who don’t have the mastery or magic? After a single session with Anthony, I felt like he’d given my husband and me some of his magic.

For one thing, it transformed our walks with our nervous papillon, Mu. Watching Anthony lead Mu through the streets, I was sure he was just making it look easy, that when it was my turn we’d be back to the freezing and dragging and refusing to go places that Mu had been doing since we got him as a nearly-two-year-old a couple months before. But Anthony’s suggestions worked the first time I tried them, and ever since. What a pleasure, to witness our dog happy-tailing it along Avenue C like he belongs in New York City (he’s from Maryland).

It wasn’t only the walking. Clearly, Anthony understands as well as a human can how dogs–in general, and ours in particular–experience the world. He’s also very good at translating. (Clearly, he has a knack for humans, too.) It’s fascinating, getting inside Mu’s furry little head, and the perspective helps all the time, to get along with our dog and get to know him better and better.

We cannot thank or recommend Anthony enough.

10/20/2016 - Stephanie Higgs