I called Anthony in a panic.

I was watching my partner’s tiny dog and the temperature dropped so I got her a sweater. Suddenly she wouldn’t walk. She started barking at everyone – hearing them in the hallway of my apt! Stress! I’ve never had a dog so I wasn’t sure what the proper things were to get control of this tiny dog.

Anthony facetimed me that night – phew. He’s gentle yet assertive. He knows dogs and he knows the relationship between the person and the dog is essential. We leashed up Daff and walked around the apartment. He taught me some commands. We ventured outside. Somehow I didn’t fall down or run into something doing all this on facetime but 45 minutes later, everything was better. I learned a few more things and all has been well since.

Today the dog is knee deep in snow with ice rain pellets hitting her face (and mine) and she’s just trucking through it without hesitation.

3/4/2017 - Modemme X.