We got our dog about a year ago.  She had intense fears going outside and being around other people.  She would jump at the slightest noise outside and it was very difficult to walk her due to the constant leash pulling and cowering.  We brought in a dog trainer and also went to a dog behaviorist clinic.  They both told us she was wired that way and needed to be medicated.  A year has gone by and not much has changed.

We then decided to bring in Anthony and within the hour he had her walking down Atlantic Ave.  To us, it was nothing short of a miracle.  Along the walk and trip to the dog park, he gave us some great insights into our dog’s behavior and the steps we can take to alleviate her fears.  We used to base our very short walks on where our dog would pull and cower the least but are now confidently taking her anywhere.  We are very grateful to Anthony and are looking forward to our next session!


2/26/2013 - Paul Medford