We couldn’t be happier to have found Anthony! He helped our Aussie transform from being an angry loner into a social butterfly.

Ever since he was a tiny pup, we had taken great effort to socialize and train Vega, including using private trainers, going to puppy kindergarden, and reading all the training books. However, he had major beef with other dogs, barking and snarling at big dogs and small dogs alike. No matter what we tried, his issues seemed to be getting worse instead of better.

Thankfully, we came across Calm Energy Dog Training and thought to give it a try. Anthony met us for a private session, and after some behavior assessment, had suggestions on what could work for Vega.

I found Anthony’s approach much more integral then other methods, reaching a deeper level of training and relating to dogs. It worked phenomenally well for us, even from the first session there was a huge improvement with Vega. Since we’ve put Anthony’s methods to practice, we now have a well-balenced, happy dog that joyfully seeks out other dogs to meet and play with.

We highly recommend Anthony to any dog owner. He’s worth every penny.

8/19/2013 - Isaiah and Chrissie Dowler