I cannot say enough good things about Anthony.

About three months ago, I attended a Zoom leash walking class followed by an in-person session with my almost one year-old heeler mix, Bowie. Bowie was nonstop pulling on the leash, acting out when he was overstimulated and just being your typical “teenager” dog. After spending tons of money with another trainer, and using just treats (which did nothing!), things were getting worse. Bowie would snap at people if they came over to me, bark at strangers in my apartment elevator, show some aggression at the dog park, not listen to me in certain situations, etc. It was frustrating to say the least.

Within a few minutes of our in-person session, Anthony knew exactly what the problem was and had steps to work towards fixing it. He explained how Bowie thinks and why he’s acting this way in a way that makes so much sense and everything kind of just clicked – I needed to be a better leader for Bowie. I left the session feeling much better and able to handle different situations more calmly and assertively – which in turn, solved so many of our problems.

Anthony responded so quickly (and thoughtfully!) to my many panicked emails and continued to share advice when I would ask him for help after our session. Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done to be a perfect leader for your dog, but in the months following our session with Anthony, I can see noticeable differences in not only Bowie, but our relationship overall.

I definitely recommend Anthony for anyone feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and needing some help.

Thank you, Anthony!

4/21/2021 - Taylor Frazier