Anthony has worked with our 2 little toy fox terries a handful of times now and has proven to be the only trainer who has helped to make actual, serious progress.

We’ve worked with him on preventing barking prompted by foreign sounds, aggression towards strangers and visitors, and our younger dog’s seemingly uncorrectable leash aggression.   Since the day she came home, she would bark relentlessly at other dogs and nip at them if we let her get close enough – Anthony was able to change that entirely during our most recent session.  Since then we’ve been able to take both dogs to the dog park daily – sometimes multiple times a day – and have had zero problems. She has been meeting dogs on the street without making a peep.  Both pups are happier and better behaved, and it has been such a relief on us.

His tips are simple and straightforward, very clear, and incredibly effective.  Absolutely recommended for any kind of training your dog may need.


6/24/2014 - Lauren & Jeff Castanga