I adopted a pit bull mix a few weeks ago. Sandra is an adorable 10 month old girl. She loves people and kids, but shows aggressive dominant behavior towards dogs.

I found Anthony Newman online, and after reading many excellent reviews, booked a two-hour private training session. Anthony did an absolutely great job. He showed me how to walk Sandra on a leash (she had pulling issues) and went with us to a dog park. The dog park was a stressful but eye-opening experience. Anthony taught me how to deal with Sandra’s dog aggression tendencies and control her behavior when she’s with other dogs.

The techniques and methods I learned today will require dedication and work from me, but it’s a part of being a responsible owner. I highly recommend Anthony for every dog owner who has a big strong dog with aggressive tendencies. I’m sure Anthony can fix other issues, too.

I look forward for a follow-up training session. Sandra and I are determined to make a big progress within the next couple of months.


This is my second review.

This summer Sandra and I had our second training session with Anthony. Sandra was adopted 6 months ago. We had our first “lesson” a month after her adoption.

Every training session brings so much clarity and guidance to me as a dog parent. Thanks to Anthony’s thorough recommendations and guidance (in between the sessions Anthony provided tons of advice via emails) my doggie, a hyper energetic pitbull mix girl, is now a well socialized, well mannered pup who plays with dogs off leash in the parks and goes to doggie camp (Eva’s Play Pups) regularly.


5/20/2017, 9/24/2017 - Tonia Tskhay