I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get my dog to a manageable place to no avail.

I had one trainer actually sit behind a baby gate in my home for 5 sessions as we fed my dog hotdogs to try and get him used to having a stranger in my home. It all ended the same – us desperate for some real help that would enable us to keep our dog.

When I reached out to Anthony and told him as much- and he offered to come and if I was not satisfied he would not charge me.

While it’s not easy to remember all of the great things he teaches you- when he does it and if you practice it and do it, it works.

After Anthony left the first time my neighbors were in awe that my dog wasn’t barking like a maniac when they passed me in my building hall. Walks were pleasurable. I had Anthony come again as I needed a refresher course. He’s patient, helpful and what he does is get results. I wish I could afford for him to come for weekly training to really whip my dog into shape!

All in all it gives me hope that I can have a more manageable situation with my dog whom I love so much. Thanks Anthony!

7/23/2017 - Tova Heiney