Anthony is magic – simple as that.

We got our dog as an 8-week-old puppy, and although she was cute, she was a total nightmare – peeing and pooping everywhere, not listening to us, biting our toes for fun. We had thought we made a terrible mistake adopting a puppy, but that all changed literally 10 minutes into our first session with Anthony.

He *instantly* changed her behavior, by showing us how to communicate with her using commands more effectively, as well as our body language and nonverbal cues. The first day, we learned how to de-escalate her wild behavior, how to declare a room or object “off limits”, and how to get her to stop peeing and pooping on our rugs.

We did a session with Anthony every few months at first, to review what he had taught us and to pick up new strategies for things like pulling on leash and de-escalating potential conflicts at the dog park. Now, our dog is 5 years old and couldn’t be better.

That was until recently, when we moved to a new building. The move made her so anxious, she bent the bars of her crate (which she used to sleep in every night) and refused to go in anymore! Anthony gave us some exercises to do, and literally within days, we found her sleeping in her crate again, and she’s no longer afraid of going in.

What can I say? Magic. I can’t recommend him enough.

— Zack Boger

6/18/2019 - Zack and Arielle Boger