We used Anthony just for a day to work on my dog who had separation anxiety, jumping on everyone that comes over, and basically getting his way, no matter what, and the occasional accident here or there.

Since seeing Anthony, Papa is doing VERY well. No separation anxiety, no crying, no peeing in the house anymore (so far). He started tugging a bit when we were walking, but I remembered to put my leg out in front him and show him “who’s boss”… it clicked and he is back to good. We run/walk at the park for 1 1/2 hrs daily. Then after work we walk some more for about 3 miles (if it’s not raining). In the mornings he is off leash so he exercises and he socializes at the same time. It’s really fun, although he’s not the best running companion; he is way behind and stalls too much. But, it’s better than nothing, and he comes to me when I call him.

Since we’ve had a lot of rain recently and rain is his worst nightmare, I did what you told me to do and just “made him” go. And, it worked! So he is better at it now. He knows that as soon as he “goes”, we can go back inside. So, that’s been a big improvement for him. It doesn’t even seem like rain bothers him anymore. He walks like normal. Head up, tail up, and adorable as ever.

He doesn’t cry EVER when I tie him outside a shop or something for a few minutes for coffee or an errand. This is 100% new to us. This was the hardest thing to change about him. I am so happy about this. I feel so good when I see him just sitting there waiting for me while I shop for a quick something.

He still sits on everyone when they come over.But, he’s much better at getting down when you say, “down”. ┬áHe isn’t jumping on them and barking with excitement when people come over. He is much calmer.

So, overall, we have a much calmer and well behaved dog. HUGE difference from before.

It’s amazing!!

8/5/2013 - Nora Iknadossian