We can’t recommend Anthony enough!

After adopting Penny, she was showing behavior that we were interpreting as aggressive — we contacted Anthony right away and he made time to have a one-on-one training session with us.

Within minutes of Anthony meeting Penny, we saw an immediate change! He explained that her behavior was a result of lack of boundaries, not enough exercise, and her attempting to assert her dominance. She was also jumping on and nipping at our roommates but as soon as Anthony showed us how all of us can correct her, we haven’t had a problem since!

On the way to the dog park, Anthony showed us how to get her to walk with/behind us rather than pulling and trying to lead. It has only been about a week since we met with Anthony so we’re still working on implementing his lessons, but now, we better understand Penny’s behavior and how to correct or redirect it.

Thank you, Anthony!!

1/20/2018 - Anna Schroe