My lil morkie pup Max who just turned a year old was getting worse and worse on his walks. He would randomly go ballistic barking at other dogs and from there progress into melt down mode. Basically every walk was like being with a screaming kid at Target who you could not control. All of Chelsea knew who Max was and I even had people tell me they had heard him out on the street from inside their apts.

I had already spent a boat load of cash on other highly esteemed and well known trainers, but nothing was working.  I was literally at my wits end and pretty hopeless that I  would ever have a happy, calm non -reactive puppy to enjoy walks with in the city.

The best way for me to describe my experience with Anthony would be to say I feel like I hit the dog trainer lottery.  For anyone out there that really wants to see how well behaved their puppy has the capacity to be, he is the answer. His straightforward, prepared, confident approach immediately gives you the feeling that you are in very competent hands. The moment he begins handling your dog you realize he is the person who is going to help you  change the dynamic of your interaction with your pup for the better.

After just 2 hours my outlook went from being stressed and overwhelmed to being relieved and excited at the tools and training Anthony was imparting  to help me teach my pup how to behave out and about on his walks.  I was left feeling that with persistence and practice I will be able to get my puppy on the calm happy path I want for him and for myself.

This guy is the real deal and I feel fortunate that I found him!!!

5/19/2017 - Deborah Aronoff