Within minutes of Anthony meeting my Newfie Lucy in NYC, she completely responded and understood Anthony’s every word and movement. He calmly walked us through the busy streets of Manhattan to a dog run in Riverside park. Lucy is new to the city and used to suburban life. She and I were both on edge, but Anthony had complete control of the situation at all times and was even able to get her to sit off leash just outside of the dog run. She really wanted to go in, but sat patiently until Anthony gave her the ok!

Anthony taught me how to become a calm and in control walker – all within an hour! In turn, it makes both me and Lucy confident and relaxed. Ive been practicing and really appreciate that Anthony checks in on me via email and is always available for any questions. Finally, walking in NYC with Lucy is enjoyable for both of us!

10/4/2013 - Kim Sarro