Anthony is truly the dog whisperer of Brooklyn!

I had just moved here from Long Island and my girls Vienna and Pearl were having trouble adjusting to city life. With one session Anthony taught me the tools to help Pearl and Vienna.

We met at Prospect park for them to train and meet other dogs. Pearl and Vienna aren’t really social towards other dogs, but with this one training session both Pearl and Vienna are excited to greet other dogs on leash rather then barking at them, and now are playing with other dogs at the dog park. Vienna is facing her fears of the sounds that we come across on walks. I am happy to say that both Pearl and Vienna are almost fully adjusted with the help of Anthony! Now I can walk both of them without Vienna freezing in the middle of our walk.

I am so thankful ! If you have a pup that needs training, and a confidence booster Anthony is the guy to call !!

4/15/2021 - Amanda Mooney