My husband and I moved from the Hudson Valley to Brooklyn in August, and booked a session with Anthony to help our dog, Oscar, adjust to city life.

Oscar is a 1 year old lab mix: sweet and friendly, but very energetic and also excitable on leash, especially with wheels (scooters, etc) and other dogs. On walks, he was pulling a lot and in the apartment, he was often very barky and overexcited when we had people over.

Our session with Anthony was a huge help: he showed us how to walk Oscar with calm authority (Oscar hardly noticed other dogs, etc when Anthony was walking him), how to better handle challenges we encounter on walks, and techniques to get him to settle at home. He also showed us how to communicate boundaries and limits to Oscar in a way that was firm but not harsh, and how to reward him in ways that reinforced training/good behavior. Anthony is big on exercise (a long morning walk + an hour at the dog run makes a HUGE different in terms of calmness throughout the rest of the day for Oscar) and also encouraged us to transition Oscar out of his crate for bedtime, and he is remarkably calmer in the mornings as a result. In short, Anthony gave us a range of techniques to try out and while they take time and energy, we have a happier and calmer dog as a result.

We’re all still a work-in-progress, but we could see a huge difference after Anthony’s session and we were so pleased, we just booked a “pack” workshop (these workshops are offered regularly and are a great option in terms of affordability). Anthony’s approach was just right for Oscar and also Oscar LOVED Anthony: he gave him a million kisses within seconds of meeting him. Highly recommended.

10/28/2015 - Laura & Paul Vandenberg