My brother and I are so thankful for having got the opportunity to have come across a very talented dog trainer like Anthony.  He completely has changed our lives and my dog Rocky’s life. (A 5 year olds mixed australian dingo).

From the moment he met with Rocky he knew that there was still hope to help Rocky with his fear/ aggression, and in a matter of one visit, Anthony was able to show how important it is to maintain calm energy to help a dog feeling comfortable and follow the leader.

Anthony, after your visit, every day has been a successful day for Rocky. His level of fear/ aggression has tremendously decreased, at the point that we haven’t heard him growling at us or at others.  Rocky finally lets us pet him frequently, and his listening has gotten so much better outside and around food.  We took a video of him howling to show you how much he has connected with us as he tries to communicates with us when we speak to him. Thank you so so much again!

10/30/2012 - Vittoria LaMicele