We first met Anthony at a group walking session in Central Park. We have 2 yorkshire terriers who are well….typical yorkies. A bit yappy, one of them is rather leash aggresive and well just aggressive to random people in general, he has some anxiety issues. At the session we learned a lot and realized we were doing a lot wrong! He has an amazing ability with dogs, one of the pups there (not ours) was crazy and as soon as he worked with her for a few minutes she chilled and was responsibe to training. Further proof in my mind that it’s primarily owner training :) He did a great job with all of the dogs at the training and we were impressed with him. We applied his techniques and saw marked improvement in our walks with our dogs.

The aggressive one still needed some further work so Anthony came to our apartment for a 2 hour session, we did some work at home and then for a walk, he had him walking up to other dogs with no issues, children, etc. I was shocked. We did doorbell work, and learned how to appropriately handle that and they did quite good.

I see that other people disagree with his methods regarding the martingale collar (which is not a choke collar, it has a stop to go only as tight as the neck – where as a choke collar does exactly as it says, it continues to go smaller the more its pulled) for us it was the only thing that reeled our dog in and did not damage our relationship at all.

They are still rather crazy animals, but we are continuing to work with them with what we learned from Anthony and they are showing improvement, dog training is obviously a long rode but Anthony showed us what our dogs are capable of and what to strive for  I would definitely call Anthony again for assistance and recommend him out.

11/24/2014 - Caitrin & Adrian Facini