My dog Charlie was a Sean Casey aggression case that I took as a foster after he sat at the shelter for at least a year snarling at and biting anything and everything in his path. I took him on, developed a trusting relationship and realized I didn’t feel comfortable re-homing Charlie and adopted him. For 3 years we lived in our own little blissful bubble, and he was somewhat touchable in certain circumstances (off-leash outside when he could back away from touch, for example). Charlie’s bubble was burst when my partner Jordan moved in with us. Charlie grew territorial and would aggress unprovoked.

This is when I called Anthony-I was at my wits end. Two weeks ago, Anthony came in to our home and gave us some tips and tricks I was not yet using with Charlie, like how to have him walk politely with us. But most importantly, Anthony provided wonderful, patient instruction for Jordan on how to build a relationship with Charlie. Anthony explained Charlie is a sensitive fearful dog looking for leadership and by taking on a leadership role instead of “trying to be friends” with Charlie, Jordan could work at building a bond. Now, Jordan leashes Charlie, walks him, pets him, and there is ZERO unprovoked aggression. Furthermore, Charlie GOES UP TO PEOPLE FOR PETS on walks!!!!

I can’t thank Anthony enough! If you have a dog with behavioral issues and are willing to put in the homework Anthony provides, results are possible. Every dog is different, and Charlie will always be a dog with the potential to bite, but I have to say I honestly NEVER imagined Charlie would ever reach a place where people on the street call him “friendly” and Anthony’s gentle guidance with Charlie’s humans was what it took!

6/8/2021 - Grace McLagan