My boyfriend and I adopted Jasper, a Pitoodle (Pit Bull / Poodle Mix) on Valentine’s Day. Though cute, cuddly, and an amazing dog, he was displaying a host of behaviors that weren’t at all pleasant for us or healthy for him (urinating/defecating on rugs, chewing the baseboards, jumping up on counter tops and on guests, ripping up blankets, etc.).

A friend recommended we check out CHEEKY DOG in Brooklyn for help, and we saw on the website that Calm Energy Dog Training oversees their weekend training classes. We immediately scheduled a one-on-one meeting with Anthony, and are incredibly happy we did!

Anthony, simply put, is a totally chill dog-whisperer. Within one minute of interacting with Jasper, his behavior immediately began to change. We learned a great deal from Anthony about how to communicate with Jasper through our body language, vocal tone, volume, and eye contact. So much of what we *thought* were good ways of ensuring good behavior were actually not the best means of guaranteeing good, consistent results (food/treats as a primary motivator, crate as punishment, etc.).

Our one-on-one session lasted two hours, and during that time Anthony shared all sorts of techniques, tips, and tricks for how to interact with Jasper to ensure good behavior. We followed through, consistently, followed his advice (including changing up his walking schedule to burn off some of his energy)… and all those bad things that were stressing us out stopped happening within three days!

Now, Jasper is not only cute, cuddly, and amazing… he’s also well behaved, and much happier now that we are addressing his energy-level needs.

5/23/2017 - Bill D. & Alex C.