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Can You Use Your Dog’s Name Negatively?

It always catches my attention when I find myself doing something with my own dogs that runs contrary to standard training advice. The list is decently long: playing tug of war; rewarding with rawhides; repeating the "come" command; not ignoring demand barking; not turning [...]

Dog Park Etiquette #417: “Scoop Two!”

I recently decided that whenever I scoop my dogs' poop in the dog park, I will pick up any other old poop that I see lying nearby. At first I had to make myself; but now it's become habit. [...]

Dog Training and Child Rearing (or Vice-Versa)

My wife and I recently became parents to a (human) baby boy. Many experienced parents whose dogs I've worked with - and even some kindergarten and grade-school teachers - after watching my methods have told me "Aha, that's just [...]

Between Punitive And Purely Positive Dog Training

Yesterday I had a case that to me perfectly encapsulates the current state of dog training in the US. I'd been called to help a herding breed mix with serious leash-aggression. This beautiful two-year-old who was sweet and cuddly [...]

Run Don’t Walk — To The Dog Park!

I'm a big fan of taking your dog to the dog park. Every day. At least once a day; the more the better! Not all dogs can socialize safely offleash with other dogs. Most, however, with consistent leadership and training, [...]

Dog Toys, Treats, and Chews

At some point during a session I normally ask owners if they ever give their dog rawhides to chew. At least half of the owners point out piles of stuffed animals and squeaky balls lying around, and say "He [...]

Dogs In The Workplace: Potential Problems And Simple Solutions

I recently contributed opinion to a journalist about potential problems of dogs in the workplace. Dogs at the office or other workplace are increasingly popular: they create a homey and inviting environment, lower blood pressure, and encourage friendly office [...]