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“Don’ts” When Training Recall (“Come!”)

In my last post I explained why what I call "Leading" is a more helpful obedience ritual to have mastered than recall ("Come") when taking your dog offleash. Still, "Come" can be a very useful command, particularly in various [...]

Edible Treats vs. Situational Rewards

I consider myself a non-"treat-focused" dog trainer. This can be helpful when working with phobic or anxiety-ridden dogs who won't accept treats in key trigger situations, or also with hyper or dominant/demanding dogs who are more in need of calmness [...]

Between Punitive And Purely Positive Dog Training

Yesterday I had a case that to me perfectly encapsulates the current state of dog training in the US. I'd been called to help a herding breed mix with serious leash-aggression. This beautiful two-year-old who was sweet and cuddly [...]

Pain or Intimidation in Dog Training – Beware!

Everyone with any sense knows not to hit their dog. I recently contributed so-called "expert opinion" to an article explaining why. It ain't rocket science. Here's what I wrote. _________________ Hitting, or causing your dog pain or fear in [...]

Fear/Anxiety Dos and Don’ts, Part V: The Big To-Do(s)

Canine Fear/Anxiety Dos and Don’ts Part V: The Big To-Do(s) Finally, a few big "Dos" for your fearful or anxious dog: 1. Obedience exercises. Fearful dogs in trigger situations can be helped by giving them something else to focus [...]