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Giving Thanks For Your Inner Dog

Over thanksgiving with lots of young'ns and furry'ns running about - the former creating messes in the kitchen, the latter lapping them up - I found myself pondering the two most thankful creatures I know: kids and dogs. Sure, [...]

Leash Laws: A Better Version!

"All Dogs Must Be Kept On Leash" Most towns in the U.S. have "leash laws", restricting the places and times that dogs and other pets can be off-leash in public areas such as parks and sidewalks. The other day [...]

Revenge Peeing: Fact Or Fiction?

I've heard this a lot recently: My dog pees/poos in the house just to get back at me! He knows he's supposed to do it outside. He knows I hate it. He does it purposely, out of revenge! What [...]

Seminar On Canine Fear/Anxiety

Counterconditioning and the Flight Response Anthony Newman, Calm Energy Dog Training FIDO Lecture, 6/14/12 How many people here own fearful, or anxious dogs? This is an are extremely common issue for dogs in a city environment. Also one of my favorite [...]

Training Calmness

Why are other dogs splashing in my bath? And now for a report long overdue ... The Calm Energy clan had an awesome funny & sunny time at Brooklyn Bark's 2012 "People & Dog Barbecue & Swim"! We [...]

Ready, Set … Train!

Well it's the end of another summer, which for me means the beginning of obedience class - and time to get sharing and connecting again! Which seems like a good time to answer a question I've gotten a lot [...]

The Dog’s Diary – Insight Into A Dog’s Mind

You've probably already seen this hilarious guess at what dogs and cats are thinking. (It went viral recently on Facebook, and if you don't have a Facebook account then you probably don't have electricity.) It is funny - but [...]

Why Do Dogs Do This?

It's been a joy writing my "Dog Collar Round-Up", finally putting in print my answers to one of the most common questions I get from dog owners:  "What kind of collar should I use?" But I'm glad to be [...]