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“Don’ts” When Training Recall (“Come!”)

In my last post I explained why what I call "Leading" is a more helpful obedience ritual to have mastered than recall ("Come") when taking your dog offleash. Still, "Come" can be a very useful command, particularly in various [...]

Dogs In The Workplace: Potential Problems And Simple Solutions

I recently contributed opinion to a journalist about potential problems of dogs in the workplace. Dogs at the office or other workplace are increasingly popular: they create a homey and inviting environment, lower blood pressure, and encourage friendly office [...]

Pain or Intimidation in Dog Training – Beware!

Everyone with any sense knows not to hit their dog. I recently contributed so-called "expert opinion" to an article explaining why. It ain't rocket science. Here's what I wrote. _________________ Hitting, or causing your dog pain or fear in [...]

Fear/Anxiety Dos and Don’ts, Part V: The Big To-Do(s)

Canine Fear/Anxiety Dos and Don’ts Part V: The Big To-Do(s) Finally, a few big "Dos" for your fearful or anxious dog: 1. Obedience exercises. Fearful dogs in trigger situations can be helped by giving them something else to focus [...]

“Best Dog Trainer” – New York Magazine, March 2013

Extra! Extra! For all you literate pups out there whom I've had the honor of working with, you can now thank your owners and brag to your friends that your trainer was voted "Best Dog Trainer" by New York Magazine (, [...]