The Failure Of Treat-Focused, “Purely Positive” Dog Training


So-called "purely positive" training is a huge new fad. It means you only reward your dog's good behavior; you never correct the bad. Most purely positive trainers are what I call "treat-focused", [...]

The Failure Of Treat-Focused, “Purely Positive” Dog Training2017-03-14T00:03:43+07:00

Why Walk Your Dog? (The Answer May Surprise You!)


All good owners know they need to walk their dog. Granted, there are exceptions … like the nice lady who called me because her dog was chewing and destroying the house, and then [...]

Why Walk Your Dog? (The Answer May Surprise You!)2015-12-15T22:56:02+07:00

“Don’ts” When Training Recall (“Come!”)


In my last post I explained why what I call "Leading" is a more helpful obedience ritual to have mastered than recall ("Come") when taking your dog offleash. Still, "Come" can be [...]

“Don’ts” When Training Recall (“Come!”)2017-03-14T00:05:02+07:00

Street Etiquette for Dogs


I recently had a client new to puppy-rearing who asked "What is the etiquette for where to allow your dog to pee, when walking in the city?" My answer? "That's a great [...]

Street Etiquette for Dogs2014-04-17T23:30:23+07:00

To Tyson


Last week I cried as a sweet, peaceful, loving dog stopped breathing in my arms. Then I cried tears of joy, as I watched him come back to life. I'd traveled that [...]

To Tyson2013-08-11T18:53:15+07:00