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“Don’ts” When Training Recall (“Come!”)

In my last post I explained why what I call "Leading" is a more helpful obedience ritual to have mastered than recall ("Come") when taking your dog offleash. Still, "Come" can be a very useful command, particularly in various [...]

Pain or Intimidation in Dog Training – Beware!

Everyone with any sense knows not to hit their dog. I recently contributed so-called "expert opinion" to an article explaining why. It ain't rocket science. Here's what I wrote. _________________ Hitting, or causing your dog pain or fear in [...]

The Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

In New York Magazine's blurb about Calm Energy Dog Training - under "Best Dog Trainer" in their "Best Of New York 2013" issue - they write "Newman's approach [is to] reconcile being calm and aggressive at once." If you know something about dog [...]