Leash Trick #419


If your dog is an uber-genius who graduated cum laude from obedience school, you might not need to tie him up to a bench or lamppost when you duck into a store to buy [...]

Leash Trick #4192013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Your Dog Isn’t The Worst! (Pictorial Proof)


For all of you who are certain you have the worst-behaved dog in the world, I thought I'd ease your minds by releasing to the public our highly-classified photo library from several [...]

Your Dog Isn’t The Worst! (Pictorial Proof)2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Red Light, Green Light! (Video)


Watch how well the "red light/green light" method of leash-training works, combined with social play as positive reinforcement for calm obedience, to stop a dog from pulling on walks: Here is the [...]

Red Light, Green Light! (Video)2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

To Chew Or Not To Chew? – The Great Rawhide Debate


With pretty much every family I meet that wants help with their dog, at some point I ask "Do you ever give your dog rawhides?"I ask for any of a variety of [...]

To Chew Or Not To Chew? – The Great Rawhide Debate2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Doggy Wisdom #614


Sometimes I think we should be glad humans don't subscribe to that same doggy wisdom of  "If you can't eat it ... pee on it!"

Doggy Wisdom #6142013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00