Your Dog Isn’t The Worst! (Pictorial Proof)

For all of you who are certain you have the worst-behaved dog in the world, I thought I’d ease your minds by releasing to the public our highly-classified photo library from several years ago – right after we brought home our two adopted racing Greyhounds, Monkey and Turtle.

Our excuses (or I guess they can be called “reasons”):  they had been raised in kennels at the race track, pent-up without enjoyable friendly social contact, released and rewarded only for extreme bursts of energy and aggression, nothing to chew on except their metal cages.

The result:

Used-to-be designer shoe
A devastating critique of western philosophy

My dog hates math!

It SAYS “blackberry”, but doesn’t taste like one…

Hurricane Dogtrina 
Cleaning up after himself perhaps?  Um, no.

 Nowadays, of course, they’re perfect angels! (Video chat isn’t on, right? So you can’t see me crossing my fingers.)

In all seriousness, though, their destructive behavior was short-lived, as it was replaced with

  1. daily exercise on walks
  2. social play at the dog park
  3. mentally stimulating obedience training
  4. acceptable release via rawhide chews. 

It is amazing how quickly a bit of Canine Psychology 101 can turn a dog around. So if you ever think there’s no hope for your pooches, just load up these pics again and breathe a sigh of relief.

Hope springs eternal!


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