The Failure Of Treat-Focused, “Purely Positive” Dog Training


So-called "purely positive" training is a huge new fad. It means you only reward your dog's good behavior; you never correct the bad. Most purely positive trainers are what I call "treat-focused", [...]

The Failure Of Treat-Focused, “Purely Positive” Dog Training2017-03-14T00:03:43+07:00

Edible Treats vs. Situational Rewards


I consider myself a non-"treat-focused" dog trainer. This can be helpful when working with phobic or anxiety-ridden dogs who won't accept treats in key trigger situations, or also with hyper or dominant/demanding dogs [...]

Edible Treats vs. Situational Rewards2015-02-09T21:42:04+07:00

Giving Thanks For Your Inner Dog


Over thanksgiving with lots of young'ns and furry'ns running about - the former creating messes in the kitchen, the latter lapping them up - I found myself pondering the two most thankful [...]

Giving Thanks For Your Inner Dog2013-08-11T18:53:15+07:00

Ready, Set … Train!


Well it's the end of another summer, which for me means the beginning of obedience class - and time to get sharing and connecting again! Which seems like a good time to [...]

Ready, Set … Train!2013-08-11T18:53:16+07:00