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The Dog’s Diary – Insight Into A Dog’s Mind

You've probably already seen this hilarious guess at what dogs and cats are thinking. (It went viral recently on Facebook, and if you don't have a Facebook account then you probably don't have electricity.) It is funny - but [...]

Fun At Career Day!

[nggallery id=1] Last week I had the privilege of visiting PS273 in Brooklyn (grades K-5) on Career Day. Bunches of volunteers from various professions rotated from class to class talking to and taking questions from students. I talked about [...]

Why Do Dogs Do This?

It's been a joy writing my "Dog Collar Round-Up", finally putting in print my answers to one of the most common questions I get from dog owners:  "What kind of collar should I use?" But I'm glad to be [...]

Dog Collar Round-Up, Part V: The Glorious Martingale

Ok, really it's just called a "Martingale" collar - the "glorious" part was added by me. Because I love and use this type of collar so much! A Martingale is worn around the neck like a traditional flat-buckle collar, [...]

Dog Collar Round-Up, Part II: The Front-Clip Harness

Front-Clip Harness The next dog walking system I want to review is a current favorite among dog trainers: the front-clip harness.Like the traditional harness, the front-clip harness fits around the shoulders, front legs, and over the back of the [...]

Dog Collar Round-Up, Part I: The Traditional Harness

For the first of my reviews/opinions about dog collars, I want to start with what I consider one of the least helpful with respect to obedience and training - the traditional (back clip) harness.A traditional harness wraps around the [...]