Dogs On Parade

Well Halloween is over, and so is the yearly humiliation heaped upon dogs and other pets by their loving but shamelessly anthropomorphizing designers-slash-owners. 
Brooklyn Bark gave away lots of goodies.

I spent my Halloween at Fort Greene PUPkin (PUPS stands for Park Users and Pets Society), the yearly Brooklyn dog-costume contest, helping Brooklyn Bark raise money for local animal rescue societies.

I’m not going to post all my pics of silly dogs in sillier costumes. Humiliating perhaps; hilarious and priceless definitely. But here were a few of my favorites.

One of our Calm Energy Greyhounds is named “Turtle” (some sort of ironic take on his racing stature), so I naturally liked this one:

The owners told me they picked up the costume at Target!
This one the owners said is a tourist. It’s pretty incredible. 
Note the Yankees hat, the fanny-pack (do you think tourist dogs sniff other tourist dogs’ fanny-packs?), and the baggy jeans.

This next one was a French Bulldog. Pierre La Dog or something.

He stared at me like he wanted to bite my head off – I think because I was wearing a giant shiny yellow genie hat. (Sorry no pics available.)

Qu’est-ce que vous regardez?

This guy was a bowling ball. I guess he’s mid-smash through the pins. It rings true with lots of Bulldogs I know.


My hands-down favorite, however, was the family that re-enacted the family from the Shining. The dogs are the creepy twin girls, the ones that come out of the elevators. The dad is Jack Nicholson, the wife is Shelley Duval … and the boy is the boy, with no idea what’s going on.

Heeeeeere’s Johnny!

Any good humiliating pics of your own dogs to share?
You know you want to!


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