Dog Science Comes To New York!

The Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard is up and running, and they are looking for dog and owner participants!

In my opinion this is exactly the kind of scientific study of of dog behavior that we desperately need more of, to generate greater consensus on how to raise happy and balanced pet dogs.

Here’s a copy of their press release:

 Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Hereʼs  
 your chance to help the scientific community gain 
 further insight into the dog mind. 
 Barnard Dog Cognition Lab, run by Dr. Alexandra 
 Horowitz, is looking for dogs and their owners to 
 participate in a number of behavioral studies. 
 Dog requirements: 
 ~ Comfortable with people and dogs 
 ~ Enjoys treats and no food allergies 

To learn more or sign up, contact: 
In your email, please include: 
Your dogʼs name and age 
A good contact phone number and email 

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Our studies take place at various venues throughout New York City. 
We look forward to meeting you and your dog! 
~ Barnard Dog Cognition Lab 

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