In this blog I’ll be posting thoughts, experiences, questions, and hopefully even a few answers, from my daily explorations in the great world of dog psychology and training. Just like dogs themselves, the posts that follow will likely range from the sublime to the ridiculous – and all grades in-between!

Cesar Millan believes that every dog we come into contact with comes into our lives for a reason, and I know the lessons I learn from dogs are as unrelenting and life-changing as any that I am ever able to teach to them. I hope in this blog to at least serve as a passable conduit through which canine-kind is able to spread few pearls of wisdom to that species most in need of enlightenment – we humans.


For more about me and my work visit CalmEnergyDogTraining.com.

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  1. abrooklyndogslife.com December 23 at 3:06 AM - Reply

    Love the new blog! Look forward to reading your posts.

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