Seminar On Canine Fear/Anxiety


Counterconditioning and the Flight Response Anthony Newman, Calm Energy Dog Training FIDO Lecture, 6/14/12 How many people here own fearful, or anxious dogs? This is an are extremely common issue for dogs in a [...]

Seminar On Canine Fear/Anxiety2013-08-11T18:53:16+07:00

Training Calmness


Why are other dogs splashing in my bath? And now for a report long overdue ... The Calm Energy clan had an awesome funny & sunny time at Brooklyn Bark's 2012 [...]

Training Calmness2013-08-11T18:53:16+07:00

Ready, Set … Train!


Well it's the end of another summer, which for me means the beginning of obedience class - and time to get sharing and connecting again! Which seems like a good time to [...]

Ready, Set … Train!2013-08-11T18:53:16+07:00