Pack Walk In Prospect Park!

The Calm Energy crew had an amazing pack walk last week, through Prospect Park!

Eight pooches joined the gang, led by our Calm Energy greyhounds Monkey and Turtle.

At first, when the group of dogs gathered in a circle – most of whom had never met before – there was lots of barking and more than a little aggression. (Among the dogs – the humans were relatively polite and didn’t bark too much. 🙂  It was mayhem!

Pausing for some obedience exercises

Before the structured leadership of the walk, Hades tried to chew off Batman’s cheek, and several pups seemed to want to strangle themselves on their own leashes.

Bathroom break
But once we got walking – with proper leash technique, side-by-side packwalking for the fear cases, leadership roles for the calm/submissive, and follower roles for the dominant/aggressive – the dogs became dogs and were instant best friends.
Water break
That’s the power of a pack walk! 
More obedience exercises

Zen out to this peaceful video:

(Here’s the HD YouTube clip.)

– Thanks to Duncan, Batman, Hades, Jesse, Maddie, Wyatt, Brian, Malia, Jen, Ryan, Traci, Connie, Eric, Kristy, Devan, Elain, and Kevin!  We can’t wait to to see you all again soon!

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