Pack Walk In Prospect Park!


The Calm Energy crew had an amazing pack walk last week, through Prospect Park! Eight pooches joined the gang, led by our Calm Energy greyhounds Monkey and Turtle. At first, when the [...]

Pack Walk In Prospect Park!2013-08-11T18:53:17+07:00

How To Get Your Dog To Leave The Dog Park


Recall: win-win-win. happy, positive treat/praise/rub, release/reward.practice in the park, around distractions! Better proofing, and more rewardeven add leashing and releasing.this all said, don't call to "come" when leaving the park! (Why?)Instead "sit", [...]

How To Get Your Dog To Leave The Dog Park2013-08-11T18:53:17+07:00

Dog Trainer’s Party! (On Separation Anxiety)


I just got back from a dog trainer's party! Well, no balloons, cake, or cocktails, but still lots of fun. It was a meeting of tri-state dog trainers and sharing of questions, experiences, knowledge, and [...]

Dog Trainer’s Party! (On Separation Anxiety)2013-08-11T18:53:17+07:00

Old Schools Or New Tools?


This street art installation has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, or dog training. But I enjoyed seeing it. And it made me think......about dogs.And dog training.(Go figure!) TECHNOLOGY If you own [...]

Old Schools Or New Tools?2013-08-11T18:53:17+07:00