Dog-Powered Scooters

Awhile ago I posted about tricks and tips on biking with your dog. I just learned about a way to make it a lot easier:  dog-powered scooters!

Here’s a video:

(Here’s the YouTube link.)

No, I’m not getting paid by this guy. (And from my understanding of how his idea has been stolen without compensation, I don’t think he’s profiting much from the idea at all. Which is a shame.)

I like the idea because I meet lots of needy, frustrated, pent-up, and ill-behaved dogs in the city whose number one unfulfilled need is draining, exhausting, regular physical exercise:

  • Pretty much anyone who’s ever had experience with dogs will agree with Cesar Millan that exercise is one of the key ingredients in raising a happy, well-behaved pooch.
  • With many of the larger, more energetic breeds, however, just taking your dog for a walk – even several a day – isn’t enough to truly tire them out and release their pent-up energy.
  • Biking with your dog is difficult and can be dangerous. Especially if your dog isn’t already well-trained – and yet 90% the time I’m prescribing exercise to needy dog-owners, it’s precisely because they need a way to start getting their dog more under control in the first place!
  • Fenced-in dog runs and offleash dog parks can be a great way to channel Fido’s energy, but that requires your dog to be already well-socialized and “play well with others”. Especially in the city, furthermore, I’ve found that lots of people just don’t have easy access to any suitable dog runs.

You can find out more at Check it out and support a good cause – while supporting your own pooch’s cause at the same time!

I’ve never tried any of the varieties, so I can’t attest personally. But I like anything that lets dogs get more exercise and be happier and healthier in a safe way that’s easy for their owners.

Please let me know if you try one out!


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