Leash Trick #1604


Have you ever found yourself with more dogs than you have leashes? This can happen if you drop or lose a leash; or when you want to help a friend grab their [...]

Leash Trick #16042013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Calm Energy Dog-Show And Tell!


What a great time the Calm Energy therapy team had last week at Brooklyn's PS 203! Someone got smooched in the face! The fourth-grade kids had been doing a project on the [...]

Calm Energy Dog-Show And Tell!2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Calm Energy Pooches In The Press!


A Tale of Two Therapy Dogsin A Brooklyn Dog's LifeMarch 20, 2011 "I love reading about the positive effects of therapy dogs and have always wondered what it takes for dogs to get trained [...]

Calm Energy Pooches In The Press!2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

The Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl


Packs of pooches, walk through beautiful New York City, raise money for animal shelters... what could be better? Tell your friends and we'll see you April 16th at 5:00 p.m.!

The Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

DON’T Train Your Dog!


Brad and Cassiusin sunny California An old friend of mine who lives in California updated his Facebook page with this post this morning:"Got completely locked out of my place tonight. Thought I'd [...]

DON’T Train Your Dog!2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

A New York Story


Many people are scared of dogs, and others just don't like their company. Sometimes though, secret dog-lovers suprise you out of nowhere.Yesterday I had to wire some money. I combined walking our [...]

A New York Story2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00

Ridickilous Cute, Gosh Darn Stubborn!


Has your dog ever just planted his paws and refused to budge, when you try to walk him on a leash? Do you like puppies, and heartwarming stories with happy endings?Then I [...]

Ridickilous Cute, Gosh Darn Stubborn!2013-08-11T18:53:18+07:00